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How to Deal With Wayward Students?

//How to Deal With Wayward Students?

After working for two years in corporate world. Destiny took its own turn and I landed in an interview room being interviewed in front of selection committee. Finally, I joined that school as English Educator.
On the very first day, I was made aware of the way ward students and also their nuisance. I was quite excited to face students. I pumped myself that I was no more a beginner as I had already entertained many retards for almost 14 months, working as Back-end Executive at an American KPO.

In the next few days, I was able to make out the different categories of students. In the next couple of months, I spotted a certain group of students who were mediocre students but very naughty and ill-mannered. Their misbehaviour always resulted in tears of ladies teachers. They were too problematic to handle. In the beginning, I started giving them physical punishments, and too some extent, they remained under control. But, then I found that the problem was solved and in my absence they would revert back their own ways.I sat down and scratched my head for days. I failed miserably.
Then something struck my mind. I thought that I should keep myself in a student’s situation or I should go back to my school days. If I would do the same, which would result in getting punishment, how I want to be treated. Then at the back of my mind it said I should have been dealt politely. Then, I decided that I am going to do the same. So, next time when I found any wayward student, I confronted him, made him comfortable and counseled him. I motivated him, praised him for no reason and slowly and slowly I saw the change.Here are few tips, which I would like to share with all teaching fraternity:

1. Treat them as your own younger brothers and sisters or sons and daughters, and be patient as you would have been with your dear ones.
2. They are the most coercive bunch and they needed our love and sympathy.
3. Praise them for no reason and let them gain your trust.
4. Assign them the tasks and make them realise their potential.
5. Make them feel special and unique.
6. Take out some time to talk to them individually and personally and let the talk be informal.Slowly and slowly they will open up with you.
7. Once they are opened, make them realise that you are more than a teacher to them. You can do this by talking to them again and again and reminding them about the contribution of their parents.
8. Assure them to discuss their problems or complaints whether it’s against your colleagues and assure them of all possible helps. But, guide them and remove the myth that any teacher was against them and it can be done talking to them in polite way.
9. Reward them for their good works. You may end up spending pennies on them.
10. Try to create emotional attachments by assuring them to solve their personal issues as well.

I tried these on my students for the last three years of my teaching career and still follow the same. Believe me, I got tremendous results. And I dealt with most problematic students of my previous school and was lucky enough to guide them into the category of decent students. My previous school colleagues were astonished by the outcomes.

Remember they are just like the wings of butterflies, very delicate if we can handle them cautiously they can fly higher and can cover miles but at the same time if broken, they can’t fly ever.