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Are Online Degree My Cup Of Tea?

//Are Online Degree My Cup Of Tea?
By Author: Tom Greenfield

Misunderstanding about online degrees are aplenty- one of them being that they’re easy. If you have enrolled in a course because it could be easy, you probably aren’t cut out for online learning. The only advantage that online courses offer is the freedom to determine the place and time of study. Here are a few things to help you understand if online learning is for you:

Are you self-disciplined and self-motivated?

Online syllabuses have the same syllabus and text books as regular classroom based courses. The course content is the same as well. In fact, they cover a lot more than regular classes to make up for the lack of face to face interaction. Your professor may not be hovering over you reminding about assignments or tests. Course schedule is sent to students at the start of the program with complete details about the test dates, exam schedule, essay deadlines, etc. It is up to you to remember and complete your tasks on time.

Are you a stickler for deadlines?

Some courses offer flexible deadlines, but it is in your best interest to complete tasks before/on schedule. Extending them has a domino effect- you miss one and you end up missing all of them. Online courses follow a linear week based semester system. Modules are tightly packed so as to allow students complete the course in the shortest possible time. Assignments, discussion boards and tests are a weekly task and students are expected to complete them on time. Understanding this aspect of online learning is very important for students juggling academics and career. But there’s help as well- just call us tell us ‘can you take my online class for me’ and we’ll take care of everything. We’ll take you test, write essays, post comments on discussion boards, or take the entire course for you.

Do you find it easy to interact in the online world?

Online learning is often promoted as an ideal learning place for the socially awkward. Don’t ever join an online course because you don’t have to interact with peers. Although students do not need to interact as much as they do in conventional classrooms, you will have to interact with students and instructors through threaded emails and comments on discussion boards. This allows in-depth understanding of the subject. And if you find it difficult to interact on discussion boards, we can do that for you as well- just call us and say ‘I’d like you to take my online class’ or ‘can you do my class for me’.

Online learning has its advantages, but it isn’t for everybody. Join one only if you have one or all of these qualities.

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