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How online quizzes improve the efficiency of formative assessments?

//How online quizzes improve the efficiency of formative assessments?

Here in this article we will discuss about the formative assessments and what more ways to improves the efficiency of formative assessments via using online quiz maker or online exam software.

“Formative assessments are a range of formal and informal test procedures that are conducted by teachers in education sectors. Its main aim is to modify the learning and teaching activities based on the results/report.”

Formative assessments are becoming an active part of the learning and growth process in classrooms. Becoming a regular assessment source it is important to improve it and increase its strength with other effective strategies. Online quiz maker, for that matter, is gaining a lot of fame!

Anybody who has ever taken a quiz knows how interesting they are, and even though they are meant to test the knowledge, still they are nothing like those conventional exams (scary and boring).

Online quizzes when paired with formative tests increase the overall efficiency and increases student engagement which is very important. As an essential part of formative tests, quizzes are good for both the educators as well as learners.

So let’s move forward to see in what more ways an online quiz improves the efficiency of formative assessments-

Assess accurate knowledge

The quizzes when paired as a part of formative tests, has got the ability to evaluate accurate learning growth and outcomes. A quiz, when kept at the end of the formative tests, can act as an added asset in terms of grading. You can easily create a mini quiz using specially designed quiz maker for schools. They have got a variety of interesting templates and question types that gives you wide options to experiment with.

Quizzes are also useful as a self-assessment tool which gives learners the freedom to test their own knowledge. In a constant environment to prove your knowledge and intelligence, quiz becomes a free zone where students are not under the pressure to perform. They can show their ideas and express themselves without the fear of going wrong. This gives teachers a genuine idea of what exactly the students think about a topic or where the instructions are going wrong.

Motivates to be focused

Learners of this generation are very quick to lose their interest in absolutely anything. They are the highest consumers of technology and they know how to dedicate their time to it. When quizzes are created and conducted through online exam software becomes a part of formative assessments, it automatically motivates the learners.

Quiz making platforms give a lot of scope to teachers to create quizzes that are fun and interesting. When the fun factor is added to formative assessments it makes the test takers more enthusiastic. So you should try to add creative multimedia, games, and imaginative scenarios that can bring out motivation and interest.

Learner Engagement

For getting 100% dedication out of the learners in the test you will have to keep its engagement level high. Make the content- questions, and instructions interactive with the element of curiosity in it.

You can make use of images and videos for the purpose of engagement along with keeping the topics relevant to the syllabus. These days online quiz makers come integrated with advance level quiz making settings using which you can change the themes and fonts, along with adding videos and images. Some other ideas to make your quizzes more engaging are given below-

  • Make use of real-life scenarios and storytelling
  • Using a variety of question types to break the monotony
  • Try to create a unique personality of your quiz with which the learners can connect
  • Don’t overdo! Make use of on-point elements and avoid stuffing things in the quiz.

Improves retention of knowledge

Not just testing the knowledge but also retaining the knowledge is important. Interactive quizzes help students in retrieving the knowledge i.e. to bring the knowledge in the conscious mind for being produced on the quiz. Every time when the student retrieves and part of knowledge it becomes retained in the long term memory. To make this retention an everyday practice you should-

  • Frequently administer small interactive quizzes.
  • Connect the basis of your quiz with the real-world scenarios.

Doing so can bridge the knowledge gap and enhance learning and understanding power in students.


So the next time when you think of creating a formative test for your students, do not forget to add a quiz in it. With so many varieties in the market of online quiz makers for schools Image Alt , teachers can never face technology deprivation when it comes to creating quizzes of top-level.

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