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4 Steps To Follow To Retake The ACT Test And Increase Your Score

//4 Steps To Follow To Retake The ACT Test And Increase Your Score


There are many reasons why students choose to retake the ACT test. It’s a common phenomenon and it actually brings numerous perks. Retaking the ACT means you’ll have varied scores in hand, making you capable to choose which of these to send to your target colleges. As they say, real experience is the best teacher, and this applies to the ACT test, too. The first time may have been overwhelming, but now you know, and you can better prepare for a more promising comeback. If initially, you were not able to achieve your target score, the next time around will give you a propitious opportunity to do so. What are some steps that you should consider to retake the ACT, and how do you improve your score?

    • The first thing that you should do is to register for the test. Like you did the first time, you should register for the ACT in order to retake it. The same way as you did before, register to take the test on a particular test date in an accredited and your chosen testing center. Whatever works well for you, you can opt to take the test in either of the months of September, October, December and on February, April and in June. Registering online makes this task faster. However if your age is below 13 and you cannot pay via a credit card, you are obliged to register for the ACT by mail. You are given a maximum of 12 chances to retake the ACT test, although generally, 6 times is deemed as too much.


    • Be well-informed about the statistics pertaining to ACT retakes. Being aware will give you more confidence. According to data, 57% of those who have retaken the ACT has improved their scores, while 21 percent of this population was able to maintain their scores. Subsequently, 22 percent of ACT retakers encountered a decrease in their scores. How do you improve your ACT score? It depends on the initial score you have obtained along with the length of time that you dedicate for your ACT test prep.


    • Allocate ample time for a meticulous ACT test prep. You have the option to choose which scores to send to your preferred colleges, unlike for your subtest scores. Your total score set together with your essay score will comprise your score report, which is why you should commit sufficient time to study for every section in your ACT test.


  • Take ACT practice tests so that you can enhance your testing skills and know-how. Take time to take comprehensive and full-length ACT practice tests during your test prep. Each section in the ACT generally contains 40 to 75 questions with a time limit of 35 minutes up to 1 hour to accomplish. You therefore have to thoroughly practice so you can hone your speed and accuracy for taking the ACT test.

You may have been too stressed or daunted as a first time ACT test taker, giving you a low score, but a retake brings you the opportunity to score better or even ace the ACT test. In the same way that you want to improve your score, you should improve your ACT test prep as well.


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