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Effective Ways to Develop Primary School Leadership Programs

//Effective Ways to Develop Primary School Leadership Programs
By Author: Richard Sharp
Primary school leadership programs are designed to teach and strengthen the concept of leadership for young learners aged 10 to 12 in an engaging and fun way. The programs are entirely online and offered through e-learning courses specifically tailored to the needs of every school.

Developing primary school leadership programs can be challenging, even for the most experienced educators. Consider working with specialists if you want to establish a proven leadership framework for students and maximise learning opportunities in a tech-savvy environment. A third-party specialist who’s passionate about education can expertly design and deliver e-learning courses enhanced by technology and focused on leadership as well as emotional and social learning.

While developing primary school leadership programs, it’s important to ensure that everything is aligned with the educational curriculum. For instance, a leadership program for primary school learners must align with the Personal and Social Capability and the Self-awareness, Social Awareness, Social Management, and Self-management elements, and state-based curriculums.

Established and reputable providers of online leadership courses are confident that their programs can help both students and teachers. If you’re interested, here are the steps to get started:

• Choose the course – Pick between the Foundation (Year 5) and Advanced (Year 6) course and use the online introduction course for teachers to get advice from seasoned teachers. A step-by-step guide will be provided to prepare educators to deliver engaging experiences and transitioning smoothly to launch the course.
• Plan and prepare – A specially designed toolkit will be provided to support the implementation of the online primary school leadership programs. A breakdown of the curriculum will be given along with tips and a delivery timeline. Frameworks for setting goals and self-reflection will be provided to equip your school in achieving strategic priorities and promoting student leadership application.
• Implement – Courses must be designed to challenge students to apply what they learn into the real world. Resources are included (i.e., learning tools, assessment matrix, and lesson plans) to enhance the students’ performance in developing competence, confidence, character, and connectedness.
• Validate – Regularly check in with the service provider to make sure that your school is on track and capable of maximising its student leadership goals. Online reports will be provided to help you measure your students’ progress

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