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LMS or Learning Management Systems – Explained!

//LMS or Learning Management Systems – Explained!

The mobile phone soon made an entry and today has become an extension of us – our lifeline for communication. However, there are still some concepts that elude us like LMS or Learning Management Systems.

So what are they? Just like Word helps us write documents and Gmail helps us manage our emails better, an LMS is a software program that helps us create, manage and deliver e-learning courses. E-Learning courses typically use a variety of content like audio and video lectures, presentations, assessment, assignments, polls, surveys, reading materials, multiple choice question answers and more to meet with its objectives.

A Learning Management System (also called LMS) is typically a cloud-based platform that facilitates the management, delivery, and measurement of an organization’s e-learning programs. It is the core technology used by an organization’s Learning and Development (L&D) department to manage training programs optimally. The biggest benefit of an efficient LMS is the development of knowledge amongst learners based on their unique needs. It is also cost-effective since traditional forms of training like seminars involves costs like traveling, renting etc.

Course Available Anytime Anywhere

A good LMS allows users to get their course material and participate in e-learning courses from desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

LMS is Content Repository

An LMS enables users to centrally store and manage training and development content. This allows easy course material management and standardization in Training modules.

Enables Assessment

With an efficient Learning Management System, Trainers can create assignments like Multiple Choice Question and Answers, True/False, Yes/No, Essay Type Questions and Learners can be assessed based on their performance.

LMS for Online Examinations

Online Exams can also be conducted to assess learners. These can be time bound exams wherein learners can be asked questions which are randomly selected. A score can be set as a minimum passing score and a result is displayed based on their performance.


A Learning Management System provides online certification for courses based on Course Completion, Online Exams conducted or Course Progress. The issuing of Certificate can be completely automated based on the triggers set by the Administrator.

LMS is also used to publish e-learning courses online. It allows course instructors to streamline their e-learning content allowing learners to access the course material in one easy-to-access location.

The e-learning platforms, provide a plethora of the latest, most efficient features that will completely change the way you perceive e-learning.