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Universities in UK without IELTS

//Universities in UK without IELTS

Universities in the UK without IELTS: in order to be eligible for the IELTS waiver for getting admission into UK university applicants has to meet certain criteria. Below is the list of few top universities offering admission to an international student without IELTS

There are three different ways a student can get an IELTS waiver for studying in UK Universities.
IELTS Waiver based on Higher Secondary Education English marks:

Depending upon the English marks achieved during Higher secondary education:

Universities in the UK will waive off IELTS. Required English marks will vary from University to University. The majority of the universities require 70+ English marks from CBSE/ICSE/ State Boards. Few universities require 80+ English marks & few 60+ English marks. Necessary marks in English in Higher secondary studies for a few top universities mentioned below.

IELTS Waiver based on Medium of Instruction:

If you have less than 60+ English marks in higher secondary, here is the alternative to secure admission in UK universities. Certain universities will accept the Medium of Instruction (MOI) letter from your undergraduate institution if you are looking for entry into graduation. Usually, universities accept MOI if the student has completed his graduation within the last two years, and the language of instruction during undergraduate has to be English. Few universities will accept students who have completed their undergraduate within the previous five years.

IELTS Waiver based on Self Language Assessment Test:

There are few scenarios where a student has low English marks during higher secondary and good English language skills. For these scenario students has to clear the English language assessment test conducted by the university online. The test consists of checking the proficiency of the student in 4 skills. Those are Reading, Writing, Listening & Speaking.

Top 20 Universities in the UK without IELTS

1. Nottingham Trent University-12th Rank
2.Glasgow Caledonian University-14th Rank
3. Coventry University-15th Rank
4. University of Birmingham-16th Rank
5. University of York-20th Rank
6. University of Portsmouth-21st Rank
7. University of Bristol-23rd Rank
8. University of Surrey-26th Rank
9. University of Dundee-29th Rank
10. Oxford Brookes University-33rd Rank
11. Staffordshire University-37th Rank
12. Royal Holloway University, London-42nd Rank
13. University of Huddersfield-43rd Rank
14. Liverpool Hope University-43rd Rank
15. University of Stirling-45th Rank
16. Northumbria University, Newcastle-47th Rank
17. Kingston University, Newcastle-48th Rank
18. University of Liverpool-50th Rank
19. University of Strathclyde-51st Rank
20. Queen’s University Belfast-53rd Rank

Some more universities in the UK without IELTS

Anglia Ruskin University
Bangor University
Birmingham City University
Bournemouth University
Brunel University
Cardiff Metropolitan University
City University London
De Mont Fort University
Edinburgh Napier University
Heriot-Watt University
Leeds Beckett University
London South Bank University, London
Manchester Metropolitan University
Newcastle University
Plymouth University
Sheffield Hallam University
Teesside University
Ulster University
University of Bedfordshire
University of Bradford
University of Central Lancashire
University of East London
University of Essex
University of Hertfordshire
University of Leicester
University of Roehampton
University of Salford
The University of West of Scotland
University of Westminster
University of Wolverhampton

Study in the UK in the second most preferred foreign education destination in the world, just after the United States. The education system is here the testimony of the time. Universities like Cambridge have shaped modern education we receive today. For more information Image Alt , you can reach us at AOEC