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4 Amazing Reasons Why You Should Aim For A High ACT Score

//4 Amazing Reasons Why You Should Aim For A High ACT Score


There are several reasons why you should aim for a high score in the ACT. All the test prep and planning you do will actually pay off. The higher your score in the test, the better your chances are of getting into a selective college and qualify to be a recipient of a reputable scholarship program. Here are 4 valuable reasons why you should aim for a high ACT score.

    • You’ll be required to take remedial classes if you get a low score. If you score lower than 18 in ACT English and lower than 21 in Math, you will be obliged to take remedial classes in college. You’ll be paying for thousands of dollars for those, but will not be receiving any credit. Other than the fact that they are expensive, they also consume time in your college program. Getting a low score in Math will compel you to take two or three remedial classes before you can enroll in your required college algebra classes. This is why getting a high score in the ACT could save you ample time and money when you enroll in college.


    • You can be a recipient of a well-merited scholarship program. You wouldn’t have to worry so much about financial debt when studying for college – your high ACT score will save you. The tuition can be astronomical as you study for a degree in a university, not to mention that you have to pay for your living accommodation, food, books, transportation and lab costs, among others. But with a high score in the ACT, you can earn scholarships that’ll pay for most of your college needs.


    • You can get into the program that you personally choose if your ACT score is high. You can easily attain your “dream career” if you get a good score in the ACT. You’ll be able to qualify for more competitive programs such as Nursing which requires a 31 ACT score, Journalism, 29, Engineering, 32 and Honors college that entail an ACT score of 31. This is one of the great rewards of studying well for the ACT and obtaining a high score.


  • More possibilities will be available to you. You can enroll in more selective colleges and have the opportunity to enjoy high-quality education if you have a favorable ACT score. Universities in Missouri, for instance, require ACT scores of somewhere from 21 to 33 while prestigious “Ivy League” schools set their standards to ACT scores of mid-30.

It therefore makes sense to take the ACT seriously because stringent competition awaits students who want to excel in college, and afterwards in their careers.


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