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What’s your opinion on this? Education is necessary to a certain extent afterwards it becomes a hindrance to practical exposure

//What’s your opinion on this? Education is necessary to a certain extent afterwards it becomes a hindrance to practical exposure

People think more you gain an education, the more you are able to make money and the more you get stable in your life. This is a wrong idea about the attainment of education since it helps only up to a certain age afterwards there is always a need for the practical experience.

Education is known as a permanent part of an upbringing of a person, but up to a certain age, the early education is necessary for human beings but when they are in their twenties, a four-year degree only wastes their time and creates barricades towards their exposure to practical life. Most of the successful people like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were college dropouts, they have realised at that time that they were competent enough to work for their own ideas rather than working for others. They haven’t even tried to do jobs because they tried to pursue their dreams and it worked for them. Although they have faced continuously challenged and until today they might be facing many challenges but they are moving on with their work. Bill gates have provided various technological socials to the world, he invented the Windows operating system afterwards he launched Xbox. Today he has technologically developed a washroom in Africa that is able to provide drinkable water. The point is the entrepreneurs are the most successful people in this life not only for their selves but they are providing solutions to the whole world.

The time has drastically changed into something where everything is digitally advanced and comparatively convenient. It has impacted every segment of life, from very basic grocery shopping to the typical educational system everything has been taken over by the storm of today’s digitization. Advancements in the domain of Education should have been made. Success is measure in an entirely different way it used to be. The path of success has been turned to lead you to a bigger world. A world where you are required to have state of the art skills instead of those traditionally taken degrees in the schools. We have countless examples of the successful people in the world who have proven the fact that degrees aren’t the only thing you got to go for but to take away that is more promising than gives the real joy of life and lets you stand among the leaders of the world. Each era brings unique opportunity with it and we got to figure it out on our own. In today’s world, skilled education is a weapon to succeed and we have got some best examples out there.

Elon Musk is another example for the young people who think that by getting good grade points they can conquer the world, yes you can get a good job somewhere. But you can never become Steve jobs or bill gates or mark Zuckerberg unless you strive to pursue your own dreams and work to make your dreams come true 24/7. Elon Musk is the founder of “SpaceX”, a company that will be sending people to Mars in 2050. Additionally, he has created the company tesla, that manufactures automated cars for us. All of these entrepreneurs if working for someone else, then we would have never seen the advent of Apple phones, iPods, Macbooks, starships, tesla’s automated cars, windows operating system, Xbox, Paypal etc.  All of this is possible because of these entrepreneurs who tend to work on their own dreams and now they are trying to solve our everyday life problems.

Now, the virtual education is also provided that is also good for those who don’t want to waste their time in physical participation in classrooms, it is a good way to get educated by seeing lectures through vides on Youtube. This saves time, money and a lot of things and you can invest that time you saved on pursuing your own dreams. Doing job is not a bad thing, as stated by the founder of Alibaba, Jack ma that in your 20’s you should be working for someone else. But when you are in your thirties you should use own experience in order to become an entrepreneur, in your 40’s you sound be spending on young people and in your fifties, you should be enjoying your life on a beach. This is a whole life track that is being provided by Jack Ma and it is the best way to set our career path since we all want to follow what is best for our educational career. Therefore, it has been proved that wasting a lot of time in education is not fruitful for a happy and inventive life. Life is worthwhile when it has been lived when you live up to your true potential.

The facts are crystally clear that in order to achieve success now you have to run along with the direction of the wind. We got to take inspiration from the people of real entrepreneurs instead of being stuck in the multi-years of educational degrees. If we keep up with the old school life we won’t be able to see another Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and people like Mark Zuckerberg. And that is not even hard living in the time where everything is at your fingertips, where we have access to the world’s best libraries, lectures Image Alt , tutorials and everything that you may need to learn a new skill without spending a penny for it. You just need to make it work for you if you choose to be the opportunity taker then there is going to be hundreds of opportunity to avail and to live a better life for yourself and others in need. There is truly so much left to be explored and we have had to find our ways according to our own aptitude and inclination of interest if we wish to change the way we have been living our life so far.

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