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5 Effective Test-Taking Skills To Learn From Practice GED Test Exercises

//5 Effective Test-Taking Skills To Learn From Practice GED Test Exercises


You might be wondering about what really works so that you can pass the GED test. It’s actually a matter of knowing the right secrets, along with studying smart. Give yourself sufficient time for your test prep as well. According to the GED Testing Service, it takes more or less three months of studying for a learner to get a good score in the test. There are different methods to utilize, too, such as in-person classes or self-paced programs and courses that require you to do practice GED test exercises, among others.

What top test-taking secrets should you know in order to ace the GED test? Mentioned below are 5 of them:

  • Know how to look for the answers. You do this by reading the questions first, especially if you come across an item that requires you to read a passage or analyze a picture. Doing this allows you to focus your attention on the facts that matter. You save time because you know what you’re looking for and finish answering the questions faster.
  • If the answer is obvious, choose it. Unlike what many resources say, there are no tricks or traps in the GED exam. Just like other high school equivalency tests, the GED as a test has been designed to be straightforward and easy to understand. Don’t get caught up in looking for hidden meanings and loopholes. Oftentimes, the most obvious answer tend to be the correct one.
  • Decipher the question, then take a look at the answers. It means that you should initially try the question prior to looking at the answer choices. Primarily figure out the answer to the question without looking at the choices. If you find your answer in the choices, it means that it is correct. Otherwise, if your presumptive choice isn’t found in the selection, analyze the question again.
  • Learn how to eradicate wrong answers. If you encounter an item wherein you are unsure of your answer, deduce by eliminating the wrong answers. In this case, what you’re doing is narrowing down your answer choices until you are left with the most applicable selection. You’ll be more apt to choose the correct answer when you’re left with two choices instead of four.
  • Guess the answer by using logic. Guessing doesn’t mean that you’ll randomly pick an answer. What you ought to do is figure out the answer by rationalizing or using logic. You may be unsure of your choice here, but learn to pay attention to keywords and phrases. Do some estimation or comparison of the answers at the same time. Using these techniques enables you to make good quality guessing.

These are some of the smart test-taking skills that can have you passing the GED test. Hone your abilities when it comes to these by doing practice GED test exercises. Practice GED test activities will make you proficient and help you prevent text anxiety so that you can confidently hurdle your academic undertaking.


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