Why do you need Academic Temple Educational Consult for Your Child?

Every child deserves the most ideal academic and social environment in which to develop, learn and grow. Discovering the right institute for a child is one of life’s most essential decisions emotionally and economically. Families need help in navigating their many educational opportunities, a process that can be challenging, overwhelming, frustrating, and demanding.

You need Academic Temple Educational Consult for the following reasons:

We are dedicated to the highest ethical standards of practice and have the student’s best interest as our sole focus.

We offer an unbiased and objective analysis of educational, personal and social goals and choices, and can speak directly to the potential match between a student and a school.

We can help parents achieve a more objective perspective on their child’s strengths and weaknesses as a student and as a candidate. We look not only at whether a child can be successful in a certain school, but whether he or she is likely to gain admission. A list of potential schools can be developed based on both admissions odds and suitability of match.

We provide personal assistance and attention, a welcome benefit to what can otherwise be a very solitary and confusing process.

We are knowledgeable about a large number of schools, and often have access to information that parents do not have.

School websites, marketing materials, online rankings, blogs, and guidebooks can be confusing, and at times, even deceitful.  Academic Temple Educational Consult can lend necessary expertise to sifting through the glut of information and helping parents make what often amounts to a considerable financial investment in a child’s education.


When should a parent seek the services of Academic Temple Educational Consult?

When your child’s school is not meeting his or her needs, such as when your child needs greater academic challenge or more academic support.


What methods of instruction do you use?

Each of our instructors draws from a vast and long career in education and use a wide array of teaching methods, curricula and materials. We realize that students learn in a myriad of ways and that there is no single best method for all students. We find great joy in discovering new approaches to teaching skills and concepts that are applicable to the individual learner.

How much does it cost?

Academic Temple Educational Consult charges a competitive hourly rate that is consistent with professionally trained supplemental education tutoring companies.

What are your teaching hours?

We offer classes After-school hours from Monday-Friday and Weekends but the timing mostly depends on the Client and availability of the child.

Are the tutors trained teachers?

Yes all of our tutors are fully trained at Academic Temple Educational Consult. We check all references, obtain background checks and personally interview every tutor. We want the best of the best working for us and take pride in the professionalism of our tutors.

What if my child doesn't like his/her program?

Talk to us! If your child is struggling with our programs, please let us know. Our aim is to make Learning a fun and engaging place to learn for every student, and if your child is unhappy, we’ll work to fix whatever the problem is.

How do we change our current tutor?

Just let us know of your desire to change a tutor and we will allocate the replacement tutor. You do not need to inform the current tutor of your intention to replace him/her. Inform us of your reason for replacement so we may find you a more suitable tutor, as well as brief the replacement tutor to better prepare. We do not charge for replacing tutors.

Can we negotiate the hourly rate with the tutors?

No you can’t

How do you record tuition sessions?

At the end of each tuition session, tutors are presented a time-sheet and attendance is taken via our website

How do we hire a private tutor for our child?

You can hire a tutor either online or by phone. The best way to inform us of your intention to seek tutors is by our online form. We use this to quickly shortlist several tutors who best match your needs before we call you for further discussion.

Can we speak to a private tutor beforehand?

It is our policy that all contact with tutors start after tuition is arranged. Normally the tutor will give you a courtesy call either the same day or the following day. You are entitled to a replacement tutor if you are not entirely satisfied.

How Do We Pay?

You can make cash payments and pay by bank transfer. We will make an invoice available online on our website within the clients account registered with us or we could email each client with an invoice.

What Subjects Are Offered?

Academic Temple Educational Consult offers a comprehensive suite of subjects, including, but not limited to subjects in  Sciences, Social Sciences, Art, Standardized Test Prep (GMAT, SAT, IELTS, etc.)

Where are tutoring sessions held?

Academic Temple Educational Consult offers one-on-one and group tutoring sessions to students in their homes or at Academic Temple Educational Consult office.

Does Academic Temple Educational Consult Offer Summer Programs?

We offer a variety of summer programs, ensuring a student continues cultivating strong academic habits during the summer months, allowing for a seamless transition back to school in the fall.

How do i enroll my child at Academic Temple Educational Consult?

It’s simple to enroll your child in one of our tutoring programs. Just go to the student signup page on our website or contact us via our contact form or you can simply give us a call or walk into our office.

How Soon Should I Expect to See an Improvement in My Child’s Progress?

We encourage each student to perform to the best of their ability and provide support through each learning stage. Our key focus is on the needs of each child.

How Do We Know Our Child is Progressing?

A feedback is usually given at the end of each session. You are welcome to discuss your child’s progress in greater detail at a mutually convenient time.

What are the benefits of studying Abroad?

World class education helps you to shape your career successfully in the global market. An international qualification is recognized around the globe. Studying abroad gives you a chance to network with global citizens and work under multinationals. It provides you a platform to familiarize yourself with the global market demands and enhance your career prospects.

What assistance can I expect from Academic Temple Educational Consult?

Experienced and trusted consultants provide counseling in choosing the right study options as well as assist you in applying to the institutions of your choice, getting offers, availing scholarships, payment of tuition fees, visa documentation, pre-departure guidance and domestic and international Support.

Why are the entrance tests/proficiency tests important requirements to Study/migrate abroad?

All the western countries insist that the students belonging to non-English speaking countries should be able to handle the English language fluently while studying in their country for English taught program. English language proficiency is therefore an important requirement to assess your visa application and hence we would recommend having English language proficiency scores. English Language Tests: Pearson’s PTE Academic (PT)/IELTS/TOEFL are the most common English language proficiency tests accepted by the institutions and immigration authorities across the world. Please check individual institution/official immigration department website for their requirements. For MBA/Engineering studies in many countries Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) standardized test used to get admissions in various graduate schools or business graduate schools in various English speaking countries, especially the United States. Graduate Management admission Tests (GMAT) scores are used by graduate business schools to make admission decisions.

How much does it cost to study abroad?

Tuition fees vary by program and school.

Further questions?

If you have any more questions regarding how to study abroad, that haven’t already been addressed, feel free to contact us via our website and we’ll get back to you ASAP!  Or give us a call.

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