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GRE Tips Do’s and Don’ts before Appearing for GRE exams

//GRE Tips Do’s and Don’ts before Appearing for GRE exams
By Author: Ace Campus

Going to GRE exams? It is very important to know that GRE exams are very different as compare to other exams. The more practice in correct ways is the only solution to score good marks in GRE. Here are some do’s and don’ts you should take care while appearing for GRE exams.

• Go for GRE Practice test every weekend. Many of the students go with the practice test before 10 days left for the exams but this is not a good idea. Going for the weekend’s test helps to find out your weakness and you can more concentrate on them.

• Try to understand the quants section of New GRE. You must not underestimate the quantitative section of GRE. Many of the student’s things that getting through the quants section is just a cakewalk. Yes, the GRE maths is not hard but it is tricky. Without much practice and proper strategies, it can turn out to be a major score bummer. The Quant section of GRE helps to score good marks therefore you should not leave out with no practice of Quants as it is enough to boost up the overall score.

• To clear the verbal section of GRE you must do things correctly and efficiently. The verbal section of GRE is not just about vocabulary. You cannot crack the verbal section simply learning the words and knowing the meanings that do not mean vocab is useless, you need to have the vocabulary for text completion and sentence equivalence. The ETS states emphasis on vocab is reduced. You must also note that 50% of questions in verbal were from RC’s where vocab doesn’t help much. Even if you are going through problems of sentence equivalence and text completion, you have to focus on nuances in sentences and learn to work in context. Just to say, I know many people who memorized 5000 wordlists and scored less than 145. Take away- without vocabulary, you cannot beat the verbal section. You must need to know more than the words to slay the verbal monsters.

• If you are starting for the preparation of GRE and solving every test paper daily 4, try to go for 5 sections in practice instead of 4 and increase the number as increasing the days. This is not only the way to practice good but also making your mind sharp and creative to do things. Daily bases practice helps you to remember things more likely and easily solve the same in exams.

• Going with an official guide and power prep of the GRE is a must-do thing for the preparation and attempting in the exam. There are many students who appear for GRE exams without using the official GRE guide. If you are serious about the GRE exams you must go through the GRE official guide. As there is no other practice test that reflects the real GRE as power does which is very helpful for scoring and boosting the inner confidence before exams.

• Avoid last day preparation for your GRE. Preparing on the test day is no way to score well. In fact, the solving questions on the last day never help you and in advance, you get more stressed and confused at the last moment of the exams which could lower down your confidence level. The good thing is that you try to relax and rejuvenate your mind before the test. Make sure you have a good night’s sleep ad have some time where you are not studying. But note that this is only done at the last moment of the exam. Also, note that GRE is all about testing you under stress.

• If you are looking to score good marks in your GRE exams you have to work hard, practice and answer the question smartly. If you are just buying expensive books, downloading the practice tests, joining the coaching classed will not help you to achieve good marks. there is no magic rule or formula that helps you to score good marks with overnight preparation, you seriously need to work hard sedulously to score well. As you may know that there are no shortcuts to success.

• Do go for too expensive study material for the preparation of GRE. The expensive study material is not the solution for the scoring good in GRE. In fact, you need to focus more on your practice of doing things, expensive books will not help you to score well.