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Choosing Between One-To-One Tuition At Home or Online For Maths

//Choosing Between One-To-One Tuition At Home or Online For Maths

With the growing internet services, many people are choosing to get their maths tuition online, but is this the best option for everyone.

Online Advantages

Online tuition can still be given on a one-to-one basis. So your child will still get a personal lesson, unlike in a classroom full of about 30 students. Your tutor will not be distracted by students who constantly disrupt the lesson, and all the attention will be on your child and their education. When studying in the classroom your teacher will have to set lesson plans to suit everyone, no matter what their skills and abilities. In an online maths tutoring session, your child’s maths will be tailored to their needs and levels. Many people have the misconceptions that online tuition can be given cheaper than traditional one-to-one tutoring, but this is not always the case. If your tutor is working independently, they can charge fees based on what their clients can afford.

The availability of your tutor will depend on the age groups that they teach. Tuition to post 16 students can be given at any time of day or night. If the age group is purely school-aged children then their hours of teaching will be limited to after school hours and weekends. It doesn’t matter whether tuition is given at home or online, as the hours will be the same. Your child’s tuition can still be worked around their many other interests and hobbies for both styles of tuition.

If the student prefers to work on the PC for their study then online maths tuition is the way to go. If tests are given online, usually these can be replayed and learned over and over. With the internet growing in the mobile phone industry now, applications can be downloaded on these too, so that the student can learn anywhere.

Online Disadvantages

Now when you study your lessons online, you may get that one-to-one service, but is it building a relationship between tutor and student. If a student doesn’t get face-to-face contact, they may soon become disinterested in the subject and choose not to continue with their lessons.

In some areas of the country, students may have limited internet access, making lessons that include video and audio very difficult to understand. It would run very slowly, and it will become very time consuming. Plus, if you are not a student who has been brought up in the world of computers you may struggle when it comes to some of the programs that come with online tuition.


Home tuition brings that improved personal touch with student and tutor. Lessons can still be tailor made to suit each individual, but they will have the tutor with them in the same room. Having a mobile service is even better, because no one has to turn out in the cold weather, but your tutor. They are quite happy to do this; otherwise, they would not provide this service.

Lessons can be re-printed if the child needs them for extra revision, and records can still be made. Availability of the tutor may be limited, but your child is not going to be there all day if they are still attending school. There is no need to worry about a poor internet connection either, and no work can be lost in the same way.

Overall, there are advantages and disadvantages to both types of tuition, but at the end of the day, they are not all that different from one another.

One-to-one mobile maths tuition