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How can we make a child an independent learner?

//How can we make a child an independent learner?
By Author: The Evorkle Academy

There is a Chinese proverb that says “Tell me and I forget. Show me and I remember. Involve me and I understand.” Independent learning is one such method of studying that stays with a child forever. It can confer your child with utmost confidence and a great ability to decipher lessons on their own. Moreover, independent at a tender age will mold the child well.

All parents are deeply concerned about how their child is coping up with learning. Whether the child is able to grasp the lessons and do the homework in preschool learning or not can be very bothering for them. Also, parents wish to see their child grow into a smart and independent learner. In such confusing situations, they might end up helping the child too much or too little

The journey of turning your child into an independent learner in online preschool can be an apprehensive one. But it can be rewarding if parents follow the right steps and guidance.

Allow them to make mistakes
Here is where most parents go wrong! Thinking that your child cannot make mistakes is a major sham. In fact, children become more susceptible to understand concepts by making more mistakes. Allow them to make mistakes and do not discourage them. But, children need to understand why and where they are going wrong so that they do not repeat the mistakes in their preschool lesson plans.
As rightly said by Galileo ‘ You cannot teach a person anything you can, only help him find it within himself.” Thus, to make children understand the “whys” and “where’s” is the juncture where the parents play a big part. Parents must point out where their child is going wrong and help them correct it.

Remove the dependency
Once you have taught your child a lesson, make a deal with them. This deal will mean that you are going to help them with the first two problems. But after that, they have to solve the following questions of their preschool online learning, unescorted. On solving the problems correctly, encourage them to solve more. The more they exercise their brain, the more interesting it gets for them. In case, they get stuck anywhere then help them out. The main focus here is to make children non-dependent on anyone while solving. In this process, the child will get pushed towards independent learning.

Allot them a time frame
It is very difficult for children to comprehend the importance of doing the work on time in online preschool classes. Punctuality is also a pivotal part of independent learning. Finishing things on time actually does make a big difference. Thus, to fit them into the habit of being punctual, parents need to gradually start the process. Every day, take anyone’s lesson and set a time frame for your child. Once, the child gets used to speeding against time, you can timebound them very often. The concept of independent learning majorly involves the need to complete lessons timely. So that, the child will have ample time to move to other lessons by keeping track of time.

Create the space
Most children have the habit of doing their work only when their parent is sitting nearby. This suggests a dependent attitude of the child. Thus, parents need to check whether how much and how long can the child study without them being around. This is a very slow and steady process that needs gradual distancing. Allot the child his/ her homework along with the time frame and then sit nearby. Make sure their concentration is completely invested in their work. Gradually, move a bit more distant. Practice this every day until you can see that the child can complete the lessons on his own. This will automatically trigger independent learning in your child. Moreover, by doing this parents can also handle other important chores.

Praise and encourage your child
” The deepest craving of human nature is the need to be appreciated”. Appreciation in different forms fascinates humans of all ages. It works as a great motivator. Thus, appreciation fuels the child to keep working hard with great passion. To make them feel that you are happy and proud of them for doing their work nicely is very important. Thus, allot a reward or kids educational games online for finishing their homework or lessons. For example, their favorite candy as a reward after completing their English lesson. The reward can also be, one hour online learning games for kids after completing the math homework. Such types of rewards go a long way in encouraging the child. Naturally, it also makes them do their work! Praises and encouragement drive children to become an independent learner.

Organize self-evaluations for them
In the era of e-learning for kids your child needs to analyze their own performance in class. Children must know that how they feel about their own performance at school. This might get complicated for them to understand. Thus, parents must organize self-evaluation sessions with their children. They must ask them how they feel about completing their lessons or performing in a test. Notice how they are self-evaluating their performances. Appreciate them for their good performances. Moreover, let them know, that it is all right to feel dissatisfied with a certain test. Instead, encourage them for working harder the next time. Self-evaluation sessions provide the child an opportunity to introspect. It helps them to know their own strong and weak points and infuses independent learning.

Be strict when needed
Being a parent, you will be most aware of your child’s strong and weak points. Thus, choose to stay firm, when they ask you to find solutions to questions of which they are capable of solving. Encourage and motivate them for doing their work on their own. Let them know that you are sure that they can work out the problem on their own and that is why you are not assisting them. There are many learning websites for kids which your child can refer to. Of course, it will be tough for you to deny helping them. But ultimately it is going to help them in becoming fine independent learners.

Set a study routine for the child
You need to put your child into the habit of doing their homework and lessons at a particular time of the day. This means setting up a study routine for your child. There needs to be a schedule that your child must get into the habit of following. Once your child gets into the habit of studying at a fixed hour, you will not need to coax him to study. With a particular schedule, the child will independently initiate intendent learning for virtual classes.

Oscar Wilde once said, “Nothing that is worth knowing can be taught”. Your child’s best education will start when he will start self- studying. Having ownership of learning can really take your child to places. Moreover, independent learning is making a stronghold in this era of online learning for kids. Parents of many toddlers are having a tough time making their children attend online classes. This is because children are dependent on parents when it comes to studying. But if your child is an independent learner then he has the best of both worlds. Independent learning is worth all the efforts that we make as parents for our children.