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Importance of previous years question papers for entrance exams

//Importance of previous years question papers for entrance exams

Are you preparing for any entrance exam? Yes, this article tells you why last years or previous years papers are importance for entrance exam and how it will help you to get some ideas, to crack any exams.

All the candidates who appear for the entrance exams wants to gain enough marks or rank that they could qualify the entrance. To qualify the entrance exam, the candidates do work hard, but only studying hard is not enough for the candidates to score enough marks for qualify the entrance. Generally it seems to be difficult to adopt a new pattern of an exam according to a habitual pattern.

A Student can score good marks of a habitual pattern. It is also important for the students to go through the pattern of the entrance before appearing for an entrance test.

It can be well done by the previous year question papers for the students. Practicing previous years question papers is very important for the students because of the following reasons:

Helps the students to understand the pattern and flow of the question paper: Previous Years question papers having the right flow that helps the students to have an idea of the pattern of the questions from the different parts of syllabus.

One of the most important benefit of the previous question papers is the candidates can have the knowledge which topic they have to prepare and which portion of the syllabus have to be leave. It gives the rough idea about the level of queries asked by the authority.

Helps the students in time management: If the candidates solve the previous years question paper like a real paper, it would help the students to check their time management skills. Properly doing the practice will gives the exam feel to the students.
Time is the most important factor that an entrance have. Time management skills is the key to achieve good scores among a huge crowd of candidates who are appeared in the entrance.

Mostly it has been seen that students have the knowledge of the questions but they are unable to attempt them due to the lack of timing. Almost 80 percent students have the knowledge who appeared in the entrance but to execute their knowledge within the given time, get marks that is enough to qualify the entrance.

Helps the student to understand the importance of whole syllabus: The students can have an idea about the important questions from the different sections of the whole syllabus. It also helps the student what are the different type of questions can arise from the different topics.

Sometimes it might be happen that the same questions are repeated. If the students did the practice well then they can easily solve these questions without wasting their precious time which they might be use in another questions.

Helps the students to understand his mistakes: This is most important thing for every student. If the candidates are not able to identify their mistakes then they are not able to correct it. By practicing previous years question papers the students can have a chance to correct their mistakes.

Help the students to find out the right direction: The most important thing that a student should have understand is that what are his/her weaknesses and strengths. At what level he stands now and how much efforts he would have to put to clear that particular exam. Solving previous years questions plays a vital role to find out these things. Doing this a student would realize that at what direction he has to work hard. Choosing right direction is one of the essential part to face any competition. Only work hard is not good enough, work hard in right direction is important to achieve success.

Help the students to set the priority of the topics: Covering the whole syllabus seems to be difficult. We have to set the priority of all the topics according to their occurrence in the previous year’s questions, which topic gives maximum marks and which gives minimum and prepare that topics first which help us to obtain maximum marks.

Help the students to check their status: Only keep doing practice is not well enough Image Alt , the students should have the knowledge of the result of the previous year’s which means that what is the average score he would have to occupy to clear any exam. This could be possible only if they will continuously check their status by solving the previous year’s question papers and find their average score.

Help the students to build up their confidence: If the students have the enough knowledge of the pattern of the question paper and come with all the preparation that they had done based on the previous year’s questions by solving question papers then they have the confidence of doing well because they have faced that paper of similar pattern many times before facing it.

So the students who is appearing in the entrance exam should definitely download them and practice according to your need. It would help students to get good marks in the examination

Wish you all the best for your future.

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