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What Are The ACT Requirements To Bring On Your Exam Day?

//What Are The ACT Requirements To Bring On Your Exam Day?


Come the ACT day, you could become overwhelmed. But the antidote to this is being prepared. Catastrophic scenarios do not only have to do with misdemeanors about the ACT itself. Your pencil breaking and not having someone around to borrow another one is just as terrible. You’ll want to do away with that, and here is a checklist of the ACT requirements for your exam day. What should you bring with you on the day of the ACT?

  • Your admission ticket. Take note that you have to present a printed copy of your admission ticket on the day of taking your ACT. Bring the paper copy of it. You do this by logging on to your online ACT account and having your admission ticket printed out. A cellphone image of this ticket or that in any other electronic device is not accepted.
  • A valid photo ID. Your full name that is indicated in your ID should be the same with that on your ACT registration. At the same time, the photos in these documents should match or resemble each other. Valid ID’s that are acceptable on the ACT day are:

– Your current school ID

– Your passport

– Your driver’s license

If you are unable to present any of these, you can download a copy of the Official ACT Identification Form from the Internet and have it accomplished by a notary or school official.

  • A couple of #2 pencils and an eraser. You should have a spare in case the pencil that you’ll be using breaks. Only a #2 pencil is a legitimate contraption for answering the ACT. Pens and mechanical pencils, highlighters, liquid paper and similar writing accessories are not allowed on the ACT day, even for the Essay test.
  • An approved calculator. Despite some restrictions, the use of certain calculators is allowed during the ACT, such as graphing, scientific and 4-function calculators. Be aware of what the rules are when using the calculator for the ACT.

These above-mentioned items are the must-haves that you should bring with you on the ACT. They can have you legitimately entering your testing room and take the exam.

Other Things To Bring

But ever-ready as you are, there are other things that you should have in handy when taking the ACT, such as:

  • A small and handy pencil sharpener
  • Extra batteries for your calculator
  • Snacks and drinks to consume during your breaks
  • A noiseless watch that doesn’t alarm audibly

These are the basics of your checklist of things to bring on your ACT day. All your test prep and studying will completely pay off if you’re all-set, armed and ready to tackle the significant feat that’ll have you moving forward in your academic career.


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