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Fundamental Rethinking Of Federal Education Policy

Now is the time to begin a focused discussion of education reform at the national level and that this discussion should be rooted in an appreciation of and understanding of the reform successes among the states. Washington, in other words, can learn a great deal from what has happened to education among the states and should look to the states for ideas and solutions. That would be a profound transformation in a set of policies and programs that have signaled

How to Deal With Wayward Students?

After working for two years in corporate world. Destiny took its own turn and I landed in an interview room being interviewed in front of selection committee. Finally, I joined that school as English Educator. On the very first day, I was made aware of the way ward students and also their nuisance. I was quite excited to face students. I pumped myself that I was no more a beginner as I had already entertained many retards for almost 14 months,

Childhood Sexual Abuse and Its Impact on Special Education

Author Melody Barton Every day children are struggling with the effects of childhood sexual abuse. While the abuser can be anyone, typically the abuser is someone the child knows and trusts such as a teacher. News reporters tell stories about teachers who molest or rape students. These news reports regarding childhood sexual abuse between teacher and student are more common than a news report on a family member molesting a child within their family. However, despite the growing prevalence of news

Brain-based learning model.

Author Stephen Braybrook Brain-based learning model. According to Avci (2007) there have been different models of how our brain works throughout the years but one of the most popular in brain culture is that of brain localisation (Corballis, 2014.) More than 2,000 years ago, Hippocrates, observed that our brain had two sides, a left and a right, and later Roger Sperry in 1968 (Sperry, 1961) researched this ideology with his findings helping format the left or right brained model (Jensen, 1998;

10 Scientifically-Proven Ways to Study and Learn Better

By Author: Tutoratti You may have heard or read about millions of ways to improve your study habits or learn better, but have you ever gone into the science of it? Well, lots of researches and studies have shown a set of scientifically-backed tips that can provenly help you enhance your learning capabilities. Science has been working hard and has found ways to help you get the most out of your study time, all backed by hefty research. To help you

New Teachers Are Receiving Support, Orientation, And Formal Training

As a shortage of teachers grows toward crisis proportions, the nation’s schools are struggling against twin burdens to hire well-prepared new teachers and to keep them from leaving the profession. Many schools, particularly those in urban areas, have turned to formal programs of training and support for novice teachers as a way of easing what for many is a make-or-break first year, according to a new study. The study contends that the scope and quality of these induction programs has

Everything You Need to Know About IELTS

What is IELTS? IELTS is the most basic and mandatory criteria for all the students who are seeking admissions in universities and colleges in an English speaking country. So in this article, we will explain what is IELTS. One of the many tests which is accepted for this reason is IELTS (International English Language Testing System). It’s one of the best platforms where one can showcase one English ability as it judges a person’s ability in the four main skills namely Speaking, Writing,


Author Samuel Sankpo Caning is one of the many physical forces practised in our schools by educators and school staff, or in the home, by parents, guardians, and family members as a means of discipline or punishment. Many argue that it implants discipline, ignoring the body pain or discomfort, and the psychological and emotional trauma it causes children. The practice seems to be accepted by most Ghanaians among children, adults, the educated, and not educated. UNICEF (2010) confirmed the general acceptance

The Infrastructure For Conversations About Teaching And Learning

One of the major challenges in supporting the scholarship of teaching on campus or in the disciplines, is to encourage not just those individuals who are interested in pursuing such work, but to help develop the field itself. We aim to explore the ways in which the scholarship of teaching might become positioned within the more general discourse and practice in teaching and learning. The hope, of course, is that as the scholarship of teaching is developed, it will become

Reasoning and Problem-Solving in Young Children

By Author: Priyanshu Rawat The concept of problem solving and reasoning in young children is one that most parents of young children have probably heard before. However, some parents are not sure what this means or how much it can be beneficial to their children. Any parent needs to understand the concepts involved with problem solving and reasoning in young children, as it will help them know what is happening when they do it and what types of issues they may