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One key aspect of life is personal development in every area that includes career, talent, business, etc. Personal development: can be defined as the process of enhancing an individual’s capabilities to improve their literacy, intelligence, knowledge, wealth, potential, quality of life, social status, career, employability, business, talent, skills, confidence, self-esteem, brand, spirituality, personality, and encourage the realization of their dreams and aspirations.

Personal development can take place throughout a person’s life or as an individual desire. In this life, it can take place within four walls or no walls, which means it can take place either formally or informally. Engaging in positive personal development activities ensures that an individual will be prepared to take up roles to influence the personal development of others and impact the society at large on a personal, social, economic, or political platform.

Different institutions design frameworks; to utilize as formats for the personal development of the people within the organization and community. In schools, the authority is interested in developing the educational, mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of an individual.

Classroom and laboratory teaching and learning through books, textbooks in various subjects is the number one aim for schooling. It sets a good foundation for building a knowledge base in either science, commercial, or art-related subject that inform or expose a student’s interest in a particular course of study.

Extracurricular activities are activities that usually take place outside the regular school curriculum are made voluntary for students. Such activities may include school clubs (e.g., Press Club, Literary and Debating Society, J.E.T. Club, Musical or Cultural groups, Red Cross, Girls Guide, Boys Scout, etc.) and sports activities. Usually, most schools hold a yearly inter-house sports competition to help students discover and groom their talents. The kind of sports included in the competition; depends on how equipped the school is; some sports involved at the primary and secondary level may comprise: a marching band, athletics, gymnastics, football, basketball, long jump, high jump, javelin, and board games such as scrabble and chess, etc.

We must encourage ourselves and our wards to get involved in activities that would build personal development that would position or reposition them to decide which direction they would like their life to go.

Informally, individuals can learn and develop vocational skills, which are either on-the-job or basic training at a skill acquisition center. Examples of such vocations may include Tailoring, Hair Styling, Driving, Make-up Artistry, Electrical repairs, Event planning, Art and Crafts, Welding, Carpentry, Home Cleaning, etc.

Discovering purpose in life is a big problem for a lot of people but, when you allow yourself to get exposed to various personal development activities, you would learn to discover and groom your interests with time and passion.

Remember, it’s never too late to start, and it is not over until it is over.