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What is the role of social learning networks in the Education Industry?

//What is the role of social learning networks in the Education Industry?

Social learning network is one of the best way of learning in todays era and it is changing the way of learning by providing such important features

The face of the education industry has changed at a quicker rate after the worldwide coronavirus pandemic. The need for the education sector to run smoothly resulted in all the educational institutions to adopt an online learning approach. However, this form of learning became popular in no time and many students started to learn via an online learning platform to make the most from this approach.

The popularity of online education has taken a positive turn in the education sector. There are many EdTech companies that have started creating their own online teaching platforms for both educators and learners.

With this change, another learning approach that has been growing insanely is social learning networks.

What is the Social Learning Network?

A Social learning network is simply a network that connects both educators and learners to fulfill their educational needs.

To make it clear, let’s take an example of a social networking site like LinkedIn. It is a professional network that connects recruiters or businesses with job seekers from anywhere in the world.

Similarly, these social learning networks connect educators and learners so that they can conduct their online session without any hassle. While doing this, they can also carry out numerous other educational activities which we will discuss further in this article.

These networks are a boon to the educational industry as they provide numerous benefits to individuals. Let’s take a look at some of these benefits below.

Get Connected with Educators & Learners

One of the most major benefits that these networks offer is collaboration. If a learner wishes to get connected with top experts in the educational domain then these networks will provide you with that.

On the other hand, if an educator wants to find their potential learner then this network will help them too. Social learning networks have a wide presence of educators and learners that let them collaborate feasibly with each other.

Now getting access to skilled educators is not a problem anymore!

Virtual Education brings Flexibility

By teaching and learning through social learning networks virtually, both educators and learners can take advantage of conducting their online sessions flexibly.

This approach gives them the convenience of conducting and attending their sessions at any location and time. Those who are in different time zones can set their timings and resume with their online learning.

Various forms of Study Materials

Having access to the correct set of study materials that are informative, engaging and updated is very important. We are well aware of the fact that in a traditional approach, the study materials that learners receive are mostly outdated with the same old information printed from years.

This is not the case while using social learning networks. Here learners get their hands on various types of study materials that are tailored as per their subject.

This becomes extremely easy for learners to learn and remember the knowledge that they have gained. The engagement rate of these learners hence rises more with such study materials.

Quick Support & Feedback from Teachers

While learning through these social learning networks, learners are able to get their queries solved instantly. This is possible as educators are striving to help learners understand the concepts.

Also, learners can constantly communicate with their educators via email, phone calls and messages. On the other hand, they also get instant feedback from their educators which helps them know their educational progress and improve more.

For example, educators provide immediate feedback to learners after a particular test which helps them track their progress in that particular subject.

Collaborate with Peers & Toppers

Learning online can be a challenge for some learners as they can lack motivation. For this reason, it is better to learn with like-minded learners who are preparing for the same exams.

When learners learn through social learning networks they come across many peers who are preparing for the same exam. This makes them feel motivated and enthusiastic.

On the other hand, these networks also have the presence of toppers with whom learners can communicate and ask for guidance. However, if one opts for an online teaching platform then the same is not possible as such platforms only focus on the needs of educators rather than learners.

Social Learning Network is Affordable

When it comes to learning in the traditional way, we know there are a lot of financial burdens that a learner goes through. They have to pay a heavy amount of fees to complete their education.

However, this is not the case when it comes to learning via these networks. Learners have to pay a limited amount of money that is applicable per course. This helps them save money and enjoy their online studies on a budget. One of the most important statistics related to online education will leave you stunned. Refer to the statistics below.

The global e-learning market is expected to reach $325 Billion by the year 2025.

These statistics show the enormous value that online education is going to hold in the coming future. We can definitely say that with the rise in online education, the social learning network will boom in the education industry. Educators and learners will hence get more opportunities to connect and collaborate with each other from any part of the world.