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Top 12 Tips That Will Get You Through Your College Midterms and Finals

//Top 12 Tips That Will Get You Through Your College Midterms and Finals

Exams are always tough and quite a big deal for anyone because that is why you have been studying so hard all these years. However it is always best to resort to strategies while preparing for them which of course will change with the kind of exam you face. College is very different from high school and so should be the ways of tackling the midterms and finals. With less time in your hand and more subjects to focus on concentration is very important and the brain must to extremely alert.

  1. Follow class lectures

Attending regular classes and writing or recording lectures is a great way of moving on with the class unless you are a complete geek and have finished all your text books before term started. Going through the notes after the classes and before the exam is a great way of preparing for it and getting an idea of what may be included in the exams. If you are juggling studies and a part-time job make sure that the studies do not suffer because of the job.

  1. Start on it early

Starting to study late into the term is a bad idea! As the classes progress the study material is going to start piling and will eventually drown you unless you start preparing at the earliest. There is a chance in the last minute rush you can even miss an entire section which is going to cost you really bad.

  1. Clarify doubts quickly

If you are a regular in the class then chances are you will understand the lessons well and may have doubts regarding one or more of the theories and concepts. It is best to get them clarified from the professor the same day or at the earliest. Clarity in understanding is very essential for thorough preparation.

  1. Previous term assessment papers

Follow a study pattern that is going to help succeed. After studying a section working out all the exercises and checking the kind of questions that had come in the previous year helps in working out a possible questionnaire for the current year.

  1. Get sufficient study material

Library work is important for elucidating the answers with all kinds of examples and quotes. Scoring high is not only about writing the right answers but also about how about the quality of answer.

  1. Plan a schedule

Studying within strict deadlines is important so that all the questions and answers can be prepared fully. But all work and no play will not help you prepare better so keep sometime for relaxation.

  1. Practice a way of studying

Everyone has a unique way of studying. Learning by heart may not be as handy as it used to be in junior or high school. It is important to understand the concepts so that it can be implemented later on in life. Try sketching and scribbling what you learn in the form of charts to remember it better. Try out different methods and find out which suits you best.

  1. Study groups and review sessions

Joining like-minded people is a good idea. Being part of a study group can actually help. You can actually cover all the important topics and in case you are unable to understand something your team mates can help you with it. But try to attend a serious one.

  1. Meet the professor

Get in touch with the professor on the pretext of understanding something. Actually your motive is to find out which is going to come in the exam. It is very much practiced and the professors also share a lot.

  1. Disconnect from networking

Staying away from all kinds of social networking sites is a good idea because it is likely to help you focus in your preparation. Occasionally logging in is fine though.

  1. Stay healthy and treat yourself

Remaining fit in mind and body is very important. It helps in concentrating and if you fall ill there is not much chance of appearing for the exam with full preparation.

  1. Reward yourself at times

Occasionally treat yourself to something sinful like a creamy chocolate cake or a gummie bear after you have completed a section. Being strict and nice to yourself can prepare you better for exams.

Being serious and focused is all about getting the right tips and following them by heart. So start preparing right away!

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