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Mistakes Freshers Make When Starting Their Careers

//Mistakes Freshers Make When Starting Their Careers

Here are a couple of errors that one can easily avoid when kickstarting their career.

Not being observant

In the words of Dr. Seuss, “There are so many things you can learn about. But you’ll miss the best things if you keep your eyes shut.”

It is important to have a keen sense of what is happening around you. Being observant helps one improve their decision-making skills and communicate better. As a result, noteworthy observational skills will make you a better job hunter and a better employee. Not being observant will make you miss out on opportunities and lessons for life.

Not listening attentively

Being a good listener takes patience, determination and practice. As a fresher, this skill will help you garner some of the best pieces of advice from your bosses and experienced colleagues. This is especially important when undergoing training and learning more about your new job.

Chasing money, not learning

Have you ever saved yourself from embarrassment by pretending to understand something that you did not? Well, you probably shouldn’t have. At the start of their career, a fresher tends to run after money instead of learning and admitting when they do not know something. That is where they make their first error. This not only limits their horizons but also tends to leave lesser scope for them to get a chance at a better opportunity.

Confusing confidence with ego

One can be self-aware and have a good command over their skill set, but they cannot let that merge with ego. It is essential to seek advice and respect the opinions of those more experienced than one.

Taking criticism personally

One needs to keep themselves open to constructive criticism while trying not to fall into a spiral of constant self-doubt. Strengths are to be looked at as opportunities to grow as weaknesses continue to be looked at as opportunities to learn. Feedback always helps.

Not indulging in healthy communicating

Communication and transparency are the keys to a brighter future for any organisation. Talking to one’s supervisor and seeking feedback is essential when starting their career. You need to know more about what the company expects out of you and how can you get better for your future roles.