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Home Schooling: A Better Choice?

//Home Schooling: A Better Choice?

Home schooling could be superior in many ways to attending public school. In this modern age of technology, there are now many options available to students that were not available to students of past generations. Since we are a generation of diverse individuals, with different ways of perceiving information, it seems that home schooling might be a better educational choice for many people.

One of the best aspects of learning from home is the ability for the student to study at their own pace. Many online programs allow the student to learn at a rate that best suits them. In some areas, the student may be able to breeze through fairly quickly, while other subjects may require more time. This is subjective to each student, and cannot be accomplished in a public school setting. Another reason home schooling is superior is because it allows the student to study during the hours of the day best suited for that particular individual. Some people are morning people, others gain their energy later in the day. Studying online allows the student to focus on their studies at the most optimum time for them.

Additionally, if a student is getting their education online, this cuts down on costs for the family. For one, there is no travel time or gas spent on driving to and from school. This makes it easier for working parents. Another way online school can be advantageous is because it would allow the student to work a part-time job and get their education at the same time. While it is possible to work part-time and attend public school classes, it is much easier to accomplish this schedule when the school work is done at home.

Adding to everything else, if more students were educated at home it would cut down on the over-crowding problems all schools face. In fact, some studies reveal that home schooled students achieve higher ACT scores, grade point averages, and graduation rates compared to students who attended public school.

As with anything, there are pros and cons to home schooling.

Pros of home schooling:

  • Free to choose schedule
  • Free to choose curriculum
  • Students learn independence

Cons of home schooling:

  • Harder to provide social interaction
  • Some students struggle with motivation to stay on track
  • Colleges often have stricter admission policies regarding home schooled students

Depending upon personal perspective, some parents relish the idea of having their children with them in the home constantly while others look forward to having time in the day with the kids out of the house. Decide for yourself what type of learning environment works best for you and your family.