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How Much Do TEFL Teachers Get Paid?

//How Much Do TEFL Teachers Get Paid?

It is fine that you have TEFL certification, now, you should look forward to making the most of it. You will like to note that there are loads of opportunities for the certified teachers. You need not stay put in the country of your origin. Instead, you can gear up to accept the overseas assignments. For instance, if you go knocking to South Korea, as a teacher of English language, you can save at least fifty percent of your salary every month. If you save about 1000 USD, a month, your yearly saving will amount to fifteen thousand USD. Teachers working there in South Korea are provided with furnished housing, as well.

Salary and other benefits

Almost three to five hundred million Chinese take English classes, on a yearly basis. So, if you want to teach in China, you can earn sufficiently, as to save five hundred to one, thousand five hundred USD, on a monthly basis. Apart from earning a lucrative salary, you will also be provided with free housing. Teachers also receive free airfare, for traveling to the country that upholds significant contrast between old and new, archaic and modern. From glimpsing into Shanghai’s spectacular skylines to experiencing the thrill of speed in bullet trains, you will have a whale of a time discovering the various treasures.

Enjoy your stay

If you take up teaching jobs in China, you will make out what it feels to be a part of the fast-paced metropolitan cities. From shopping to dining or being a part of the country’s exciting nightlife, you will have a smooth sailing ride on its ends and alleys. You will experience little or no problem in commuting from one part of the country to the other because the cities provide you with the sophisticated system of transportation. The job market for the duly certified English teachers is gradually expanding, and so, if you have the qualification, interest, and experience, you must cash in on the opportunities that come cruising along.

Japan and Taiwan

The next country to reach out for is Japan. As a teacher of English language in Japan, you will earn sufficiently as to save six hundred to eight hundred USD, every month, after spending. The country with its unparalleled fusion of natural beauty, history, culture, and cuisine offers a wealth of opportunities to the certified English teachers. If you take up an assignment in Taiwan that is located on China’s southeastern coast, you will end up saving at least, five hundred to seven hundred USD, on a monthly basis. In addition, you will have access to the island’s vibrant city life, renowned shopping centers, gorgeous coastlines, numerous hot spring and the beautiful mountainous interior.

Another lucrative nexus

If you take up an assignment in one of the Gulf countries, your salary bracket will be in the range of two, thousand to five thousand USD. The other benefits include free housing facility, free airfare, and health insurance coverage. The salary that you will earn is going to be free from taxation. Now that you know how much you can expect from the different countries of the world, you will have little or no problem in taking an informed and wise decision.