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3 Amazing Reasons Why You Should Take GED Practice Tests

//3 Amazing Reasons Why You Should Take GED Practice Tests

Why take GED practice tests? Simple. It is the most predominant answer to the major questions of GED test takers which are “What should I do to pass the GED test?” and “How can I study effectively for the GED?”

Taking GED practice tests gives you the experience of what it’s like to tackle the real thing. The questions contained in practice tests have a similar structure to the actual GED test. Then again, there is a particular boon to these tests, because as part of your practice, you’ll be able to immediately know the answer to the questions. Thus, you can figure out if you’ve done poorly or are ready to take the real GED test. As you assess your answers, you can then determine your skills and knowledge. Along with this, you can build on your strengths and improve your weak areas. Look for GED practice tests that also include scores. This way, you’ll have a way of predicting if you are likely to pass or fail your exam.

There are 3 main reasons why you should incorporate practice tests in your GED study plan:

  1. It will boost your confidence. While preparing for a test, you may experience test anxiety. The same goes for the GED. GED test anxiety can have you feeling angry or fearful and it can be a real struggle. Other than having difficulties in concentrating, you may also experience physical symptoms such as headaches, rapid heartbeat, nausea and diarrhea. You could likewise sweat profusely. What are the main causes of test anxiety? As cited by the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, these are insufficient preparation, poor test history and fear of failure. You tend to experience anxiety and fear in facing the “unknown”, right? So is it with the GED test, especially if you’re totally clueless about the questions that will come out in it. If you cram, you are inclined to feel overwhelmed as well. It makes you prone to thinking that you will fail in the exam.

Taking practice tests is one of the best ways to combat test anxiety. Other than boosting your confidence, this method will also ease your fear of failure. Indeed, the best antidote to being frazzled on the day of your exam is to familiarize yourself with the content of the test and the structure of its questions. No more fear of the unknown, too, and no worries of being left in the dark.

    1. It protects your memory from getting too stressed. Taking practice tests will protect your memory from stress. How does this go? Think about a time when you were reading a book while you are too tired. Understanding and memorizing information from the reading material was tougher, right? If you are stressed, you’ll find it harder to retain information when studying. In a research conducted by Tufts University, it was found that taking practice tests is a learning strategy known as retrieval practice, and it can protect your memory against the harmful outcomes of stress.


3. Psychologists have proven that taking practice tests is the best way to learn. Take practice tests and keep to a schedule that broadens your study time. It is the best way to study, according to the Psychological Science in the Public Interest. In a research by the said body, it was found that the most positive learning outcome is derived from taking practice tests as compared to other studying methods such as summarization, self-explanation, interrogation, using keywords, highlighting, re-reading, using mental images, interleaved practice and distributed practice.

So why take GED practice tests? The reason is clear, and that is because it may be just what you need to pass your GED exam. It will pacify your test anxiety, prevent your memory from getting stressed and it is one of the most effective ways of learning. Utilize it along with other study methods such as reading lectures and watching video lessons so that you can boost your chances of acing the GED exam.