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Steps to Improve the Quality of Education

//Steps to Improve the Quality of Education

The quality of the human resources does determine the destiny of any nation. There are many nations in the world, which have been spending huge amounts from their budgets to enhance the quality of education at all the levels. One of the developed nations, Japan is an example. It does not possess most of the required natural resources such as minerals, but the high quality working population could transform Japan into a developed economy.

There are five major factors which can enhance the quality of education such as:

1. Inspiring teachers,
2. Quality infrastructure,

3. Extra-curricular activities,
4. Seminars and workshops,
5. Best assessment methods.

Many teachers do participate in the designing of curriculum. Hence, they need to have exceptional skills in making the best curriculum. The four major steps in making a good and desired curriculum are: objectives, content, learning activities, and evaluation. If the educational institutes select some of the best teachers, they can shape the destiny of the children. If the teachers are guides, the curriculum is like the path. Thus there is a major role for the teachers to enhance the quality of education.

If the educational institutes can allocate optimum financial resources to enhance the quality of infrastructure, they can impart better quality of education. The allocated amount should be spent on maintaining libraries, laboratories, play grounds, swimming pools, and many other related infrastructure, which would improve the students spiritually, mentally and physically. Such a development among the students could bring them closer to the goals of true education.

The goals, objectives and aims of educating the children should be clearly mentioned in the curriculum. The extra curricular activities in the form of competitions such as, acting, drawing, stage-dramas, debates, essay writing, handicrafts, mimicry, public speaking, sports, etc would go a long way in achieving the true goals of education. Such activities can also enhance the confidence among the students. Besides, the above, the educational tours and excursions are helpful for the development of inter personal skills and of course the enhancement of practical knowledge.

The educational institutes should conduct seminars, workshops, etc regularly and professionally. Such interactive and knowledge sharing activities would definitely contribute for the improvement of the quality of education as the students would get exposure to the new teaching methods.

Finally, the students should be assessed scientifically and regularly, so that their parents can understand the status of their children’s standards. Better assessment methods would contribute for the competition among the students too.

This article is applicable to all the educational institutes which have been struggling to enhance the quality of education.