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6 Special Tips for Teaching English in China

//6 Special Tips for Teaching English in China

China is a vibrant country with busy cities and peaceful riverside towns. The natives speak in a surprisingly complex language, but there is a problem. Even with a top-class economy, the people do not have much knowledge of the English language. Thus, it makes the country a rewarding and popular place for teaching purposes. Belonging to a native English speaking country and possessing a thorough knowledge of the language will prove to be a worthwhile place for the job of a teacher.

1. Get in touch with a recruiter: There are two main ways to teach in China, ESL academies, and public schools. Seek the help of a recruiter. You can always choose to apply for these jobs from home via the internet. The trouble starts when most schools cannot get foreign teachers through recruiters. Only then will your online application prove fruitful. These reasons make recruiters the favorable choice to teach in China.

2. Attain TEFL certification: Achieving Teaching English as a foreign language or TEFL certificate ensures a quick response to your application to teach in China. Being a university diploma holder or having professional teaching experience can also make your task easy. There is an exclusive benefit with TEFL. Arriving in the country with certificate in-hand will get you a much higher paying job. It won’t matter if you are a would-be teacher or a professional one.

3. Teach at private schools: Are you already an experienced teacher or maybe a certificate holding would-be teacher? If you are qualified enough, go for individual or international organizations. A large number of these schools post online listings. You can teach in China with ease by applying for the position from your home

4. Attend interviews: To apply for a teacher’s job in China from home you have to take the help of phones and Skype. This process begins once you are already attending TEFL classes. Most interviews happen over the phone or Skype. The Student Affairs Department will aid you in the interview process and preparations.

5. Signing the contract: After receiving a job offer worth accepting, you will have to sign a contract. Your employer and recruiter will arrange all the required documentation processes. Your new organizational employer will also make arrangements for your travel and visa.

6. Plan lessons methodically: The exposure to a native English speaker like you will prove satisfactory to your students while learning your accent. It is also equally essential to create new ways of learning. As a teacher, you must give your students a sneak-peek of your home and culture along with basic grammar and vocabulary.

Last but not the least

Going to a different country requires you to be mentally prepared. China is a tolerable country, and you will not have any issues. Just be good at your job as a teacher. If you have experience, then it is fine, but if not, as a would-be teacher you will only have to adjust yourself to a new country. There shouldn’t be any other problems. The job is proven to be satisfactory.