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Doing Academic Writing the Right Way

//Doing Academic Writing the Right Way


Assignment-writing can be quite intimidating because, with the immense pressure to complete your college-syllabus, the additional burden of writing the said tasks are quite challenging to maintain. Th…

Assignment-writing can be quite intimidating because, with the immense pressure to complete your college-syllabus, the additional burden of writing the said tasks are quite challenging to maintain. Though there are several assignment writers Australia who can help you in accomplishing your responsibility, you should learn to write a good-quality assignment yourself. In this article, you will learn everything about how you will be able to write good academic writing.

Want to Write an excellent academic task? – Go Through the Easy Tips

The following tips will be crucial for you while trying to write your assignment without getting any assignment writing help.


Before beginning writing your assignment, you should always find out what is the total percentage of the task concerning your overall portion of the term. If the job does not score much and takes up a minimum rate from your overall marks, you should not spend much time on the assignment. But if it takes up a considerable percentage, then it must be completed with the utmost importance. In your curriculum, you will find the points where your teacher will mark you or the points where your professor will deduct marks from you. Note those points because they will further come in handy. Lastly, mark the submission date of your task on your calendar. It is a common mistake that students make while writing the assignment, and hence they lose a lot of points.


It is quite essential to understand the issue before starting the task. You will find the problem while you are being given the job. In the instructions mentioned below, the task, you will find everything that you have to say in the assignment. You may be asked to analyze the topic, give an example of the problem prevalent in your society and find out the repercussions of the issue on the environment. Apart from the item, you will also be provided with the course material where you can find the analysis and other website information that included the topic. Save all the essential information in a folder as it will help you later.


One of the crucial reasons why you score low in your tasks is the weak structure of your assignment. An ideal essay or dissertation should have an introduction section, a discussion section, and a conclusion section. The first part, i.e., the introduction section should constitute about 10% of the total assignment, the discussion section should take up 80% of the task and the last part should also represent 10% of the job. In the introduction, you must raise a curiosity in the mind of your professor by mentioning the reason for the task right away. Remember, the opening is crucial for getting you a good grade. While constructing the body of the job, remember to mention the different paragraphs in bullet points. In this way, your task will be easy to read. In the last part, try to summarise the whole writing and not mention anything new.


Gather as much information as possible before starting the writing process. If it is possible, try to jot down the points so that it could come in handy. While researching for facts about the topic, do not copy from a random website. Please note down information from library books or Google scholar website. You can also ask your professor if you have any queries about anything.


When you start to write, make a structure, and then fill in the gaps. Like, first mark the headings and subheadings and then fill them with content. While writing the introduction, do not hurry and take your time to write a well-constructed first paragraph. After completing the entire assignment, reread it from beginning to end.


After completing the first draft, proofread the entire task and note if there is any grammatical error in your assignment, or if you have missed out on any crucial point. Add the reference list of the sources in another page after your job. Do not miss any website or book while listing them. You may be penalized if you miss one. Check the formatting of the assignment and see if it matches with the required content by your university.


After finishing the entire assignment, you must make a copy of it before submitting it to your professor. Do not forget to send the task to your professor in a manifest file and mention all the content of your work in the index. Remember to mention the bibliography on the index too. You can number all the pages to help your teacher.

All the points mentioned above are beneficial to you if you want to get good grades on your assignment. If you start the process of researching well before time Image Alt , you will be able to complete and submit it within the deadline.

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