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The Astounding Benefits Of Getting A High ACT Score

//The Astounding Benefits Of Getting A High ACT Score

The ACT Will Open New Doors For You

Are you going to take the ACT? If you are, then you know just how important it is. The ACT is a make or break standardized test in your academic career. If you get a high score, you can gain admission to the college of your choice. Otherwise, if you fail, you have to retake the test and delay your plans. Your ACT test prep is therefore significant because done well, it can bring in the boons that are the astounding rewards of achieving a high ACT score. What exactly are the rewards of acing the ACT?

Your parents may be spending hundreds of dollars for your ACT test prep, but they know that such an investment is worth it. A substantial amount of money’s worth in scholarships awaits students who will get a high score in the ACT. Further application requirements may not even be required for some scholarships, especially for those who have obtained exemplary ACT scores. Just how do these perks particularly go about?

Amazing Scholarships For High ACT Scorers

Universities in Western New York, for instance, have amazing scholarships and study assistance up for grabs for high scorers in the ACT. In D’Youville, if you get a score of 24, you can earn $3,000 a year to augment your college funds. Getting the same score and applying at Niagara University can have you availing of $7,000 of free money every year. In the same university, those who scored 27 in the ACT can be granted with $17,000 worth of scholarship money every year. In the Rochester Institute of Technology, belonging to the top 20% of your class and obtaining a 28 ACT score will have you enjoying scholarships ranging from $9,000 to $15,000.

A free ride is offered by the State University of New York, and it includes room and board for students who have garnered a score of 28 in the test. An outstanding score of 33 can have you studying for free at the University of Buffalo. No more expense for your room, board and book allowance, too. You can visit the website of these schools to find out more information, or you can call them for further inquiries.

Scholarships will have you going to college without much worry, as long as you keep to the requirements. But aside from scholarship money, under-the-radar benefits are offered by notable universities. At Canisius College, an All-College Honors Program awaits those who earned a score of 28. Along with this are well-merited benefits such as research grants and internships, individualized mentoring, specialized field trips and living accommodations. A score of 27 in the ACT can have you gaining admission to the Honors Program in Niagara University. You can enjoy opportunities with distinguished college lecturers, attend special classes, visit notables and obtain invites to exclusive mixers as well. The University of Buffalo Honors College renders splendid benefits at the same time where high ACT scorers can earn scholarship opportunities and housing and teaching assistance.

Be Dedicated and Committed to Your ACT Test Prep Program

These are just to mention the remarkable benefits of getting a high ACT score in the offing from universities in Western New York. More perquisites await promising students in prestigious universities all over the country. It thus makes sense to commit your time, effort and resources to your ACT test prep program because it definitely is worth it to get a high score in this exam.