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How to learn easy English grammar with saifulsgrammar learning program

//How to learn easy English grammar with saifulsgrammar learning program

Author: Saiful Islam

How can you easily learn English grammar. So I will start walking this path. Stay with me, I hope you will not be disappointed. Many people think that English grammar is not so difficult, so keep thinking. It can be easy and it can be. No one does this thought, but you don’t know why, when you see the syllabus or table of contents of the book, you get scared, is this it? Look again, when I open the book, I see a long serial, There is a thought that I will do. Again, when I start turning the pages of the book according to the table of contents, then there is another fear. . I’m not talking about all students.

However, those who do not have the morale to speak English grammar, there is no reason to be afraid. Remember that everyone learns from the mother’s womb. Everything that has happened or is happening to you has happened to us, maybe we have forgotten or we have not been able to use the time properly. Now my point is. Apart from everything that has happened from now on, you can be one of the successful people. Let’s start thinking about who did what, what can’t. Let’s start our path. Remember that no matter what you do, you have to do your own work. The sooner you understand this, the sooner you will benefit.

So you guys can learn from my site without delay. You can learn from me. It would be wrong to say that you can learn from any grammar book or teacher. Anyone who can read English will be able to do it. My point is that lately, the coaching business has become popular everywhere. God knows how to teach so many students at once or what they are learning. ? In fact, I am not saying this to make anyone small. Where all the good quality students are going to learn, low level students can never learn with the good ones. They feel ashamed Rahim / Karim can do everything and I can’t What will he learn in the middle of saifulsgrammar 30 minutes / 45 minutes class? You will not give him time in a different way, the class is over that day, and he will not give a reply, sir, the time is over. In this way low level students cannot learn much. As much as they know, they don’t keep it going again. Here you can learn as much as you want.

I will give ideas on this site in such a way that any kind of student or general public can understand it very easily. I will give the grammar issues in very short rules, and in a clear way inshallah. You have to raise your legs to hear. You don’t have to eat all the food together. You know well, you can keep it in your mind / memory in small portions. It will be better, there is no need to go faster. OK. I am Class 1 / Class 2 / I will divide class 3 in this way. You have to watch that class every day and practice it. Now in the modern age, all kinds of people are reading mobile / laptop / computer online. There is no shortage of time and entertainment. So if you focus on reading instead of spending more time on entertainment, maybe your life can change. Tell me if Allah wants or not, but if you don’t want, Allah will not give. Anyway, I have said many things, if you are wrong, everyone will forgive.

*** These grammars are taken from different grammar books, which you are constantly using. I have just shortened some rules for you. I have tried to explain in my own way. Which I am constantly doing. Thanks to the writers who helped me bring these parts of grammar to you ***

A little reading about education may bring a turning point in your life. Easy to say but very difficult to observe

And there are some things that I will discuss with you now, so let’s start, I think you are a student or a guardian, there is no end to what you or I have learned in real life, we have been the same since the day our life began. We are working. We do some work knowingly and without knowing anything. There are some things that are essential for us but we have been doing it. But my point is that if you do the work from the mind, if you do not have to do the work from the mind, then the mind is not satisfied. If we did something from the heart, there would be no shortage of successful people in this world. When I go to write these words, I remember one thing, my parents used to say at six o’clock, remember, study what you will have, the wealth will be shared but no one will be able to take the share of education from you. If you had studied in a way, you would not have seen this day. Which will continue to be nine or six. Maybe one day or you will come and the children will come to you saying father and mother. I can’t do these things. Tell me. That day is not far away. Because parents are the best teachers for children, so you need to know your children and students. Need to know. That is why I have presented the full grammar in front of you. So that it is very easy for you to understand.

I think if you ask someone if you can do these things, the answer often comes, this work will never happen with me. How will he work if he is dead before he starts?

Story: 1 (one)

One day a blind old man called his boys together and said, “Look, you can see a box in the distance. Who can lift the lid, but be careful because there is a forest in front of it. There will be crocodiles, and the last danger will be that I don’t even know what awaits me after I get to that box. The boys might ask Dad if you don’t know what’s in the box. Dad said this was my dad’s or your grandfather’s order. I don’t see it with my eyes, now that you have grown up, I told you. Now you do the rest. The boys went after the thought, there are some ways to go and there is no need for one or three dangers in a row. Grandpa is dying, the old man has left us and the factory to kill him. Frightened, all but one escaped. They survived, but they were knocked down. They didn’t think about it. This kind of humanity is also seen in our society. Before doing anything, they should think about their death. But if you get lost in fear, remember that you have lost your life.

The other one was there, thinking and questioning in his mind. Grandpa didn’t tell Dad that Dad was blind, because it was impossible to do it without seeing it, because it was an order for me, so I had to go somewhere, because I think somewhere. There is a problem, parents will not put their own children in danger knowingly. At first the courage began in his mind, then he thought that his father remembered what his blind grandfather had said, but he did not see it with his eyes, let’s see what happens in front of him. There is nothing, only the box is empty. After so many steps, he thinks about what is inside. After opening the box, his destiny is revealed. It is possible. You can understand a lot by explaining here.

When it comes to reading, I am scared all the time, hey, I can’t. My point is, I can’t say exactly what you have tried. No one has learned in this world, we have to learn everything. Now no one can take this learned thing from me. Suppose you ride a bicycle, then you can ride a bicycle at the same time, you have to learn first. In a day or two, you will learn in this way in a few days. Now the thing is, you will also enjoy cycling, you can’t tell anyone how happy you are. It takes. Or think you ate very tasty food and told someone that the food was good. Now you see one thing here, just like food, good and bad is one’s own. Every man must know his own. And he knows that he should be polished in such a way that he is weak. Then one day you will be successful. I started with courage in my mind. What will happen to the poor students at the rate at which the price of private is increasing at present. They can’t study privately for twelve months. But you notice that if you are poor, you have a mobile phone in your hand. You can learn something by putting it to work. Then there will be no shame, no fear, no fear. There is talent in everyone, you just have to wake up. Do it today, don’t do it tomorrow, start now and give time every day, you can slowly go far. Inshallah,

It has been taught by hand and pen, so that all types of students and ordinary people can understand when they see it.

Writing will be a little more to make you understand, read the articles carefully all the details I have tried to tell. I can’t explain everything in writing, but I have written as much as possible. If there is a mistake in it, I will correct it later, Insha’Allah.

Now come to the real thing. If you are thinking of doing grammar, then you will know any subject first. If you don’t know anything about me, then it will be better for you to start from (basic) meaning (1st level). This means that the class is given in that way. Insha’Allah you can follow. And if you think you are better then you can start with Tense.

Let’s talk about tense, remember that tense is the main part of English grammar, which means the spine. Just as a person cannot stand straight without a spine, English grammar cannot be thought of without tense. Sometimes you have to hold it in such a way that you can always see it in front of your eyes. Just close your eyes and it floats in front of you. Just like when you stand in front of a mirror and see your picture, you will take Tense inside yourself in the same way. As soon as you close your eyes, it floats in front of you. Then the rest of the path will be easy for you. So as long as you continue to apply, you will feel better to do the grammar later. If not, you will face obstacles in every position. For this, I am saying you know the basics, you know as you know, you cannot learn English by practicing magic, honey, kudu . I hope you understand me fairly. So let’s start the grammar part now Insha’Allah …….

Starting from here

First of all let me say one thing, at present weak students are passing in English depending on some memorized sites. The target is less towards grammar, so the number is less. So take a look at some grammars. Let’s take a look at the little book, the way it is here and how I have given it in the book and now it is easy to understand. You see, there is no problem, I will not teach you anything different from the book, I hope you will find what is in the book here and so on. However, I can’t learn everything by looking at the book. You have to take someone’s help. You will get that help here. I have given the grammars to you in brief. And I have presented all the grammars to you in a broken way. You will not be able to learn. You will not be able to learn by looking at it all together here. And in the class system I have given 1,2,3,4 no. There are classes like this, just like that, if you look closely, I guarantee you will be able to, Insha’Allah. However, this is my advice to you to follow the serial. If you don’t have detailed grammar, you will learn later. Thanks