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5 Reasons To Appease Your Fears And Take The ACT Test

//5 Reasons To Appease Your Fears And Take The ACT Test

Are Your Experiencing “First Time” ACT Jitters?

Is it your first time to take the ACT? If so, you may have different emotions about it, one of which is fear. That’s perfectly understandable, but then again, you shouldn’t feel that way. Other than the fact that you can retake that test, there are also various ways to make you all prepped up and ready for it.

The first thing you ought to ask to appease your fears about the ACT is to decipher why. People are generally afraid of what they don’t know, and such may be the case for you about the ACT. If you didn’t make enough effort to study for it, you might be suffering from considerable anxiety as your big day approaches. You might even go into a state of panic if you’re taken aback by the questions that you’ll come face to face with.

How To Appease Your ACT Test Anxiety

But fret not, because there is a remedy for that and the most fundamental is an effective test prep and study plan. How do you devise the best study plan for the ACT? It depends on various factors, such as your resources and your needs. You can join a review class, hire a tutor, do self-study or enroll in an online course. Along the way of your studying, you should be taking practice tests. These will orient you about the actual test, giving you a close-to-real experience. Practice tests are one of the crucial keys that’ll help you pacify your test anxiety.

At the same time, the ACT is mandatory, along with other college admission tests, and you therefore cannot run away from it. So you might as well get moving and prepare for it. As long as you get the proper guidance from your school counselor or an expert professional or online website, you should be okay. Why should you take the ACT? Here are 5 top reasons:

  • ACT scores are accepted by all colleges and universities in the U.S. If you want to gain admission to the college of your choice, you need to have a score in the ACT. The higher your score, the better your chances of getting into a more selective college. Without standardized exams such as the ACT or the SAT, you won’t be likely to enroll into most universities and colleges in the United States.
  • You can show your ACT score when you apply for a job. When you get into the real world and look for ways to earn money by applying for a job, you would need to indicate your ACT score in your resume (even if it is several years old). Through it, your prospective employer will be able to gauge your intelligence, skills and diligence.
  • You can be a recipient of a well-merited scholarship if you get a high ACT score. Deserving students or those who obtain a high ACT score can be rewarded with scholarship money to pay for all their tuition fees. Aspiring college-bound students often find this to be a dream-come-true.
  • A Science section is included in the ACT test. This perk applies to Science whiz students who can highlight their abilities in the subject. With this opportunity to shine, they can ace the ACT or obtain a scholarship.
  • The ACT test is required by most states in the U.S. In many states in the country, the ACT is mandatory in order to graduate and enter college. During junior year, students are required to take this test where it is offered for free to first-time test takers.

Knowing the benefits of the ACT and that it is mandatory should encourage you. Engage in an effective test prep and study plan to appease your fears about this significant endeavor in your academic career.